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Nemlig ja

biking - 1 hour and 50 minutes from RF to Copenhagen central station with roughly 20kg of extra weight.
Swimming - 25 minutes.
30 minutes on the bike at work. The last 15 minutes at one level higher than usual and it felt great!
30 minutes, approximately 120 laps in my 'own' pool.
This week has been quite busy on the excercise-front.. monday, wednesday and friday I attended wateraerobics in DGI and tuesday and thursday I played badminton.
Hopefully, my weight should be consolidated beneath 100kg monday morning..
In a way, yes.
I messed up my left knee in november 2008 and it wasn't fixed until april 2009, and the recovery took a little longer than I anticipated. I did, however, do a lot of biking, but I never got around to logging anything.

Well, actually, I did log a lot of the stuff. I used [endomondo:] to track a few walks and most of my bike rides.. Now I can't wait for spring to come around so I can start biking to work again.

In the meantime, I will use the exercise bike at work, swim or attend water aerobics in DGI whenever I can. I know spring is around the corner - I can feel it motivate me :)
After the 32 Song Meme's of (loads of other people, some of you might recognize this as I copied the rules from [lythandrel (LJ):]), here is my own

If you want to do your own, rules are as follows:

Put your music player on random.
Post the first line from the first 32 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Please skip over instrumentals and songs where the title is in the first line of the song.
Let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

1) If I tell you
2) Come and hold my hand
3) To all those people doing lines
4) I came into this world as a reject
5) Your mother came up to me
6) My little girl
7) I wanna hold (and kiss) you in Paris
8) Yeah, Turn around take a look at my life
9) Come see what we all talk about
10) I'm looking for this man
11) April left you with a sting in your heart
12) howdy people?
13) Dance to the beat, shuffle my feet
14) Ok Children, Gather 'round
15) It's Alive
16) A hand above the water, an angel reaching for the sky
17) Shake it up ma, Shake it up girl
18) Time fullfills human fears
19) (3-4) All this energy calling me
20) Baby I love you so, I never let you go
21) You keep saying you got something for me
22) My long day through acid rain, A-following The hope
23) Now baby come on, Don't claim that love you never let me feel
24) I'd like to close my eyes, go numb
25) What would you do if the sun burns
26) There's not a whole lot of things in this whole world
27) My Lullaby, hung out to dry
28) You can tell white lies
29) I really don't have anything to say, just pass me by
30) I've watched your face for a long time
31) looking into your eyes, your eyes of deceit
32) Will we close our eyes, will we fall for those lies

Phew.. took quite some time, as I didn't want to have non-english songs and I had to skip a few, because I couldn't make up the lyrics and google couldn't help.

If you can guess any of these songs from the line of text posted here, post your replied in a comment, giving the number of the song and your bid, I will update the post on a regular basis.

PS: I realize, after posting this, that it actually is quite harder to do this, just from one line of text, but maybe this will root out all the fanatics? =)

PPS: FaceBook has again blocked me from posting/importing notes + noone reacts to large posts like this on there anyway, so I will repost this here, so more people have the posibilitty to respond.
So FaceBook thinks that not writing or importing any notes since some time in August is spam? Amazing..
50 minutes, 182 lengths
35 minutes, 140 lengths
meaning, I havent had that much time nor motivation to walk every day since the step-counting campaign ended. I have however been able to take a few longer walks since the end of april.
At least two walks around 2 hours and 15 minutes and one walk in 1.5 hours.
I went swimming for 40 minutes last week as well, but I forgot which day that was.

I will be talking more of the long walks. I can feel my legs and feet are recovering faster and faster after each walk I took, so I should be able to crank the tempo and the distance a bit from time to time.
At the moment I am doing approximately 12.8km in 2 hours and 15 minutes.
I haven't been taking any notes since the 10th. This does not mean that I have stopped excercising though.

Here is a brief summary of what has been going on:
I have been walking for at least one hour every day, except for sunday the 13th and friday the 18th.
Monday the 14th I also went swimming for 35 minutes or so on top of the daily walk.

I have been logging more than 10.000 steps on average every day since the step-counting campaign started, even though I only logged 3700 steps one day.

Whenever I go walking and swimming, I am wearing my pulsemeter, and thus I also log the amount of time I have been excercising - and for april alone (until the 20th) I have logged more than 19 hours, whereas I only logged 6 hours in march - clearly an improvement :)
6,3km, 1 hour and 6 minutes. I don't think I can do this any faster, as I am already walking at full pace from start to finish.
1 hour walking around noon and then 50 minutes in the pool in the evening.

After walking for one full hour every day this week, my ancles are not too happy with me now, but I will see if I can get around to swimming as well 2 or 3 times a week, if it fits with work though.
walking. 1 hour and a few minutes. I'm walking the same distance now, and will see if I can cut some time off. I started at 1 hour and 10 minutes and after 3 trips I'm at 1 hour and 4 minutes.
50 minutes, 190 lengths in the pool at home. I could have gone on for 20 minutes more I think, but let's not over-do it..
Walking for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Very nice. Very Fast.
Walking on the 1st of april: 1 hour on a longer route. Very nice.
On the 2nd of april, I went swimming for 35 minutes in the morning and 35 minutes on an excercise bike in the evening after work.
I went for a walk yesterday, one hour, more than 4km (not sure how long it was), and today I've been swimming for 40 minutes, 142 lengths.
Actually it's more like 'save money, loose weight'.
In the just over 2 years I've been logging my weight, I've noticed that when I am able to control the sugar-hungry monster in me and diet properly, I am also saving money..
Let's face it, proper food does cost less than candy and fast food. True, if you don't make am effort to prepare it properly, it might not taste as good, but the rewards are so much better in the long run; money for travelling and a health to sport on the beaches of normandy.. I mean, Greece ;)
Ok, I was in a streak there - I have been walking a lot for the past two weeks. Make that 'last week and the week before that'. This week, I've been rather lazy, which wasn't the plan.
Fortunately, I will have loads more time from now on to excersise, including swimming, which I've had rather good results with earlier.
The bad news, I'm up to between 105 and 106 again. The good news, as long as I just keep moving my feet, the weight isn't that important - the important part is to make me more fit so I won't cough uo a lung or two after climbing the stairs at work.

Aand.. on the subject, I've been swimming tonight - 36 minutes, 134 laps.
Furthermore, I've received my pedometer and I've already logged 3780 steps the day I received it (from after lunch), which was the 17th of march, 4800 steps on the 18th and 6500 so far today.
Added to the 18th and 19th should be 2x1200 steps for biking to and from the station, still not enough to break the 10.000 steps though, but I'll work on that .. promise
Ok, it sounds good, but all it was, was 40 minutes powerwalk followed by 20 minutes in the pool, 74 laps (I would have done more, but I got out of the door a little late).
.. or close. I am going to participate in a '10.000 steps a day'-campaign with some friends (I bribed them with pedometers ;)) in April, and for that I have started to walk more frequently.

Actually I've been walking at least every 2nd day this past week, and I haven't died yet.

During this evenings walk, I started to make rough calculation on how many steps I actually take on a regular day.
There is a rule-of-thumb that states you walk approx 120 steps per minute (brisk walk), depending on hegith, fitness etc etc etc. And if you ride a bike instead, you can calculate also around 120 steps per minute (very rough estimate).

So - given these numbers, I can roughly calculate how many steps I make on a regular day:
Biking from home to the station; 10 minutes, equal to ~1200steps. Walking from the train to where I work; 15 minutes, ~1800 steps. Walking 45 minutes in the evening; ~5400.

So, multiplying the transport to and from work with 2 and adding the evening-walk, I get: 2400+3600+5400 ~ 11400steps. Woot-ness - and this is just transport alone. I don't walk much at home, and only just slightly more at work, but these figures are great.

The conclusion? I should start walking more after work at home!
40 minutes on a training bike. Still sweating
45 minutes in the dark. At this time of day? Yes, what can I say.. I had the inspiration, and with the level of excersise I do, I have to do it when I feel like it ;)
Hey presto, my mind and feet in 'auto' and Visions of Ibiza on the mp3-player and I was away for 45 minutes, with an average of 128bpm and a max of 148bpm.

Maybe I should try some interval-training one of these days, even though I really don't feel comfortable running at over +100kg..
This week I'm in Spain for re-iteration on different skills required for my work at the 'local' football stadium. Every morning there is a chance to either go for a walk or a run in groups, but I prefer to get my pulse up a bit, and since I can't run, I walk alone instead.

So this morning, I walked for 25 minutes with the rate monitor on. I'm not sure of the distance, but max pulse was 134 with an average of 117. Very nice.
Swimming in the pool in the basement, 190 laps, 50 minutes. I feel great!
Jeg gik mig en tur her til aften. 45 minutter i rask gang ude i kulden.. brr..
Cykling: 20km, 50 minutter
Swimming: 35 minutes, 142 laps
Swimming: 30 minutes, 118laps
Swimming: 40 minutes, 14 laps in dgi
Swimming: 30 minutes, 102 laps
Running: 5km, 33 minutes
Running: 24 minutes, 4km
Swimming: 60 minutes, 250 laps in the small pool
Running: 4km, 30 minutes followed by 35 minutes of swimming in the pool in the basement, 142 laps.
Swimming: 50 minutes, 206 laps in the small pool.
Swimming: 16 laps in DGI, 50 minutes
Running, 30 minutes follow by swimming, 30 minutes - 118 laps
Running, approx 15 minutes, approx 2km followed by 30 minutes of swimming, 112 laps
Swimming: 182 laps, 60 minutes
Swimming: 12 laps in DGI, approx. 40-45 minutes
Swimming: 172laps, 50 minutes.
Swimming: 15 laps, approx. 50-55 minutes in DGi-byen
Swimming: DGI-byen, 11 laps. approx. 35-40 minutes
Swimming: 25 minutes - approx. 70 laps in the small pool.
Kayak'ing -. approximately 110km over 4 days in Ed, Sweden. This stuff is very good for the arms :)
Swimming: approximately 40-50 minutes, 15 laps in the pool in DGI-byen.
Swimming: approx. 30 minutes in the pool in the basement
Swimming: approx. 30-35 minutes. 110 laps
Swimming: approx. 30 minutes, 102 laps
Swimming: 30 minutes, 106 laps in the small pool in the basement.
Swimming: 17 rounds in DGI over approx 1 hour and 20 minutes. Total time in the water was around 2 hours and the rounds were split up in 12 and 5 laps with some playing inbetween.
Swimming: approx 40 minutes, 10 laps in DGI.
Swimming. approx. 45 minutes, 11 laps in DGI.
Swimming: 8 laps in DGI. approximately 35 minutes
Swimming: 10 laps in DGI. approximately 35 minutes
Swimming in DGI-byen. 12 laps, approximately 45 minutes.
Swimming: 45 minutes, 148 laps in 'my own' pool
Swimming: approximately 45 minutes in the pool at DGI-byen, 11 laps, approximately 1000 metres
Swimming: 35 minutes, 110 laps
Swimming: 25 minutes, 86 laps.
Swimming: 30 minutes, 96 laps
Swimming in the big pool. Approx. 45 minutes, 11 laps (approximately 1000 meters).
Swimming: 35 minutes, 112 laps and sauna.
Swimming: 6 laps in the big pool in DGI-byen in Copenhagen - approximately 550 meters in 20 minutes.
Swimming: 25 minutes, 82 laps
Swimming: 25 minutes, 74 laps
Swimming: approximately 40-50 minutes, 11 laps in the big pool in DGI-byen. Approximately 1000 meters.
Swimming: 35 minutes, 120 laps.
Swimming - approximately 650-700 meters, 35-40 minutes. (DGI-byen)
15 minutes of light warmup and back and stomach-training in the fitness-center at work.
Swimming: 30 minutes, 96 laps, sauna (ah.. nice :))
Swimming - approximately 35-45 minutes - somewhere between 500 and 600 meters. I went with a couple of friends to a swimming facility in the center of Copenhagen. It was kinda costly (52kr DKK for a full day access, even though you only use the place for like one hour a day), but it was way better than the small pool in my own basement.
We have talked about going back there once a week, maybe on a regular workday, right after work.. lets hope we'll actually do it. Its nice to be able to swim more than 5 meters without having to turn.
Swimming: 30 minutes, 96 laps
Training in the fitnes-center at work - 30 minutes on the bike and a bit of stomach and back-training..
Swimming: 30 minutes, 94 laps
Swimming: 20 minutes, 62 laps
Biking (training-bike in the fitness-center in the complex): 35 minutes.
My birthday today. I have been in Lanzarote (La Santa Sport) since friday and the general alcohol intake in the group is somewhat.. big. I have been a good boy otherwise though and not eaten any candy or chips (well, a few cheesenips friday or so, but nothing major). I have stayed clear of fats and stuff in the food, but otherwise not paid that much attention to what I've been eating and drinking around meals.

Biking (training-bike in the fitness-center in the complex): 35 minutes. Training stomach and back in the machines in the center.
Btw, it was my birthday this day..
Swimming: 30 minutes, 100 laps
swimming: 35 minutes, 110 laps. no situps as my back hurts like hell today
Swimming: 45 minutes, 146 laps. 3x 15 situps
Swimming: 40 minutes, 120 laps. 3x 15 situps
swimming: 30 minutes, approximately 100 laps. Yes, my weight has increased drastically during the holidays. way more than I actually feared. hopefully its mostly liquid so when I get back into my regular training schedule the weight should decrease rapidly again.
Swimming: 20 minutes, 74 laps. 3x 15 situps
Swimming: 20 minutes, 82 laps. 3x 15 situps
Swimming: 35 minutes, 124 laps. 3x 15 situps
Swimming: 20 minutes, 64 laps. Not much swimming today as I've been ill lately and haven't had that much energy. It was nice to be back in the water though, and I might go for another short swim friday night again.
Swimming: 40 minutes, 130 laps. 3x 15 situps
Swimming: 4 minutes, 134 laps. 3x 15 situps
Swimming: 40 minutes, 126 laps, 3x 15 situps
Swimming: 35 minutes, 112 laps. 3x 15 situps
Swimming: 40 minutes 124 laps, 3x 15 situps and backthingies.
Swimming: 30 minutes, 92 laps. 3x15 situps and backthingies.
Swimming: 20 minutes, 64 laps

Didnt have that much time today, as I had a lot of work to be done (gotta make some $$.. it's almost Christmas you know). Turned out there wasnt any work to do tonight, so what a waste of haste.
hmm.. my scale is playing tricks on me I think. I replaced the batteries, checked several times every morning over the weekend, but it still shows '93.3 - 93.4'-ish. Quite a drop from the 94.8 on friday. Let's see if this continues (getting rid of more than 1kg per week would be nice for a while - especially before Christmas ;))
Swimming: 40 minutes, 116 laps. 3x 15 situps and back-thingies (it's getting easier from time to time, which is quite nice).
Swimming: 40 minutes, 120 laps, 3x10 situps and backthingies.
Swimming: 35 minutes, 120 laps, 3x10 situps and backthingies.
Swimming: 30 minutes, 102 laps. 3x10 situps and the same for the back.
I updated my 'deadline' for the 90kg mark - I'm going to Lanzarote on the 27th of january 2006, and as the curve is right now, I should be able to make that mark (even though Christmas comes inbetween.. )
Swimming: 35 minutes, 108 laps, 3x10 situps and 3x 10 back-thingies.
Swimming: 30 minutes, 92 laps
Swimming: 25 minutes, 76 laps. First excersise in a long time. Too bad the light in the sauna was broken - otherwise I would still be in there ;)
Biked to work and home: 2x 15km, 2x 40 minutes.

I have been down with a cold since the 11th, so no excersise for a whole week. I have still managed to loose quite a bit of weight, but I assume most of it is fluid, so the curve should statbilize within this week again..
Swimming: 35 minutes, 116 laps.
Going to the dentist tomorrow, so I'll be taking public transport to and from work tomorrow. Fortunately this should be the last visit to the dentis for half a year :)
Biked to workand home: 2x 15km, 2x 40 minutes
Biked to work and home: 2x 15km, 2x40 minutes (38/37 / 38/37)
Biked to work and home - 2x 15km, 2x 40 minutes
Biked to work and home- 2x 15km, 2x 40 minutes.

I took a picture of the old and the new bike. They can be seen here: -> 2005 -> Oktober -> bikes.

At some point I will add the possibility of adding pictures to these posts..
Biked to work and home. 2x 15km, 2x 40 minutes
Biked to work - 15km, 40 minutes - and home: 15km, 40 minutes.
Swimming - 35 minutes, 110 laps.

I purchased a computer for the 'new' bike yesterday, so now I can get the exact speeds and for how long I am riding.. this morning it said '16km, 39 minutes and 44 seconds'. I am not quite aware if the time increases when I am standing still at red lights.. I will have to make a note of it over the coming days.
Update: The counter actually only counts when the bike is in motion, which is quite nice, as it eliminates the standing-still time at red lights etc. The actual time home was 36 minutes of riding and 38 minutes in total..
Biked to work and home - I took a rough measurement of 40 minutes out - even with the wind against me. One of my colleagues said I looked like crap, but I felt really great. The 'new' bike is really cool :)
Oh yeah - 2x 15 km, 2x approx. 40 minutes.
Biked to work and home: 2x 15km, approx. 50 minutes out and 40 minutes home.

I took out the backup bike today. Spins rather nicely, but I'm going to have to get used to the gearshifts being located further away than usual (I probably should think about the possibility of adding pictures to this.. ).
Biked to work and home - 2x 15km, 2x45 minutes. My trusty and not-so-old Winthr-bike might be giving up on me. The Shimano-gearing on it is rather crap and has started to show signs of wearing - ad the approx. 5000km I've gone on it so far probably counts a tad too..
Anyway, I might be rolling out the backup-bike I have: an even older bike, but with external gearing and less weight. Lets see how that turns out..
Biked to work and home - 2x15km, 2x45 minutes.
Biked home from work (picked up the bike at the bikeshop next to where I work)
Biked to work. Had to drop off the bike at the local bikeshop as there was some problems with the chain..
Biked to work and home - 2x 15km, 2x 45 minutes
Biked to work and home, 2x15km, 2x 45km, swimming, 35 minutes, 110 laps
Biked to work and home - 2x 15km, 2x45 minutes
Biked to work and home. 2x 15km, 2x 45 minutes
Biked to work and home- 2x15km, 2x45 minutes
Biked to work an home - 2x15km, 2x45 minutes
Biked to work - 15 km, 45 minutes. Worked in CPH, so I took the bike with me on the train.
Biked to work and home - 2x15km, 2x45 minutes
Biked to work - 15km, 43 minutes. Had to visit a customer after work, so I took the train to downtown CPH and directly home from there.
Swimming: 20 minutes, 62 laps. Just a short swim today as I ended up being short on time for excercise.
Biked to work and home . 2x15km, 2x45 minutes. Swimming in the evening: 35 minutes, 114 laps.

If someone would have told me half a year ago that I someday would go swimming for more than half an hour in the evening, bike work and back the next day and seriously consider going swimming for another half an hour or more the next evening - I would have told them that they were crazy. Nevertheless, this is what is going on at the moment. With my tooth finaly fixed (well, nearly, but there is no pain anymore) I can finally beging biking to work and swimming during the evenings again - so even though I am stable between 99 and 100kg at the moment, it should beging to drop any day now..

Oh oh oh - and I sold my car today. Now there are more excuses for getting into a gas-sucking poluter (unless its the bus, of course, when the weather isnt for biking ;))
Swimming: 35 minutes, 112 laps
Biked to work: 15km - 50 minutes
Swimming - 30 minutes, 102 laps
Biked to work - 15km, 45 minutes, biked home from work - 15km, 45 minutes
Biked to work (yes, I brought the bike home with me on the train last night as I had to take a detour to one of my freelance-clients, and I really wanted to bike to work this morning as well instead of taking the bus again).
Biked to work. 15.5km in 45 minutes (straight).
Biked to work and home. 2x15km.
Biked to work and home - 2x15km,50 minutes out and 40 minutes back (we love wind ;)). Swimming - approx. 90 laps, 30 minutes.
Swimming: 20 minutes, 80 laps
Swimming: 30 minutes, approx. 100 laps, sauna.
Biked to and from work, 2x15km, 2x45 minutes.
Biked to work - 15km, 45 minutes - and biked back, 15km, 40 minutes. Swimming - 15-20 minutes, 50 laps and sauna.
Swimming, 30 minutes, 98 laps
Biked to work and home - 2x15km, 2x45 minutes
Biked to work - 15.5km - approx. 45 minutes one way. Biked home - 45 minutes, 15.5km
Weight: 101.7kg
I have been doing different kinda of excersise, apart from swimming lately and thus probably have raised my musclemass slightly.
Furthermore, I have not been keeping my diet very well - not eating properly and eating too much chocolate again (3-5 times a week).
I will re-break that habbit and then hopefully the weight should drop again..
Swimming: 30 minutes, 90 laps.
Kayaking in sweden - approx. 100km in 4 days :)
Biking - 18km with a few stops after the first 30 minutes (and I nearly signed up at a local sea-kayak club).
Biked to work - and back - 19km out (took a 'shortcut') and approx. 15-16 km home. I felt like sh.. the most of the day at work, but after getting home I feel quite ok. The sun is shining and tonight there's a bonfire where I live to celebrate the longest day of the year =)
Biking - 14km, 45 minutes (sightseeing the neighbourhood), Swimming - 30 minutes, 94 laps.
I intend to take the bike to work tomorrow morning (unless its raining).. an 18km ride..
Biking - approx. 14km, 35 minutes, swimming - 30 minutes, 94 laps.
Swimming: 20 minutes, 64 laps.
Went on a short roll with the bike that was given to me by a buddy a while back.
I am now so much looking forward to taking it for a real spin monday evening after work (.. not to the pains in my b..t and muscles I havent used for a long time ;)).
Weight: 99.5kg.
I was thinking about adjusting my goal for the 24th to 99kg, but it might actually be possible to reach the 98kg mark instead. I'llthink about it over the weekend and make a final decision sunday. (happyhappyhappyhappyhappy)
Swimming: 20 minutes, 62 laps. Didnt have time for more as I had to help my mom set up her computer.
I am looking forward to tomorrow morning.. the scale should show 99,something by then.
Swimming: 30 minutes, 100 laps, 10x3 situps and back-stuff This is day one of the ultimate challenge at work. Last year in june, and apparently also this year, a partner-company has arranged a softice-machine for us. Made it through this day without having any..
I also decided to skip my candy-day tomorrow, tuesday. I would really like to see the digits on my scale show '99..' friday morning.
Swimming: 30 minutes, 95 laps and sauna. 10x3 situps and "the same for the back"
Big sinner-day. Was drinking like mad at a party. It influenced my weight for the whole week, so I might only barely make it below 101kg again by friday.. (here's hoping).
walking: 40 minutes. I semi fell through. I went to McD and ordered a BigMac-menu "with water and carrots" (instead of the big menu with coke and fries that the guy at the counter wanted to sell me.. man did he look offended.. haha).
swimming, 25 minutes, 72 laps, sauna
weight: 103.1kg, swimming: 25 minutes, 82 laps, sauna (I feel good =))
walking - detour to the shop - 30 minutes and then 10 minutes back from the shop.
swimming, 25 minutes, 76 laps
Swimming, 25 minutes, 74 laps.
swimming, 20 minutes, 64 laps, sauna
Weight: 104.4kg
swimming: 15 minutes, 54 laps, sauna
My original notes were lost in a disk-crash, o here is a quick sum of what I have managed to do with my weight since february 2005.

Start: 8th of february 2005, approx. 108.3kg.
Progress: quit cake and candy at work. Cut seriously down on snacks at home - try to limit it to one specific day in the week if you cannot go without, and choose with care (liquorish instead of chocolate etc.), start excercising - in my case swimming. drink more water.

Just before easter I had managed to drop approx. 4.5kg in 5-6 weeks. not the _big_ change that one could have hoped for, but a hughe improvement in my mental health and impression on the progress. I was no longer really short of breath after walking the stairs at work and I could feel muscles swelling around my body.. in parts I had forgotten I had muscles.

Current status is that I have had a minor setback in training as I stopped swimming just before easter and started having problems avoiding snacks in the supermarket. this, combined with a really bad diet of pizza and burgers during my trip to norway this easter, resulted in a weightgain of approx. 1.5kg.

However, I have started swimming again as of the 4th of april and plan on picking up where I left with swimming 3-4 times a week.

Just before easter, when the weight-loss curve had stabilized it self and I was doing my regular excercise, I had a tentative 2 months plan set up. I was planning on doing walks again within a few weeks from easter, and at the end of april/beginning of may I would have ny bike fixed and start doing smaller bikerides.
My tentative goal is to reach 90kg within the summer and to push the curve to 1kg/week or more instead of the 0.8kg/week I did before easter.

Regarding swimming. In the building I live in, there is a small pool in the basement. It's only approx. 6 metres long, but if you remember not to kick too much with your legs when turning you can get some swimming-distance.
In the beginning I was only doing 40 stretches in 20 minutes and had to flip between swimming on my back and stomach regularily(?). After the first 2 weeks I managed to swim more and more rounds only on my stomach and do 60-70 stretches in 20 minutes.

Updated short-term plan (within one week): Do more situps in addition to swimming. Combine swimming with doing walks at least on weekends (walking and swimming wraps up to a nice 2 hour package, including sauna :)).
Medium-term (2 months): More walks, also on regular evenings, start bikeriding.

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